Planting dahlias

When there is no more chance of night frost, it is time to plant your dahlia tubers. Dahlia tubers don’t hold up well to frost, so wait until after the “Ice Saints.”

Buy new dahlia tubers and preferably put them in a pot with some peat moss or potting soil first. This will allow the plant to sprout a bit and you will have less chance of snail infestation. If you have kept last year’s tubers, you can move them to a warmer place and give them a little water.

After mid-May you can plant them in the right place in the garden.

Dahlia show garden in Voorhout
Dahlias add color to your garden from the summer until far into the autumn. There is something for everyone. From bright red and yellow to the most beautiful pastel shades. There are single flowered and double flowered dahlias. The enormous assortment is best viewed in a Dahlia Showground in the autumn. Here you can see them in bloom at the same time and take beautiful photographs.

Dahlias are not picky, they grow in any normal garden soil. However, give them a light place. This originally Mexican plant is a sun lover. They can tolerate a little shade, but they do need light. Make sure they have enough moisture and the plant does not dry out too much.

Dahlias are also beautiful in pots, make sure that 1 tuber is in at least 10 liters of potting soil.